pro course

Date and Time: All course meeting Dates and Times and Location will be arranged prior to beginning of course.


Location: Miami Beach (in home studio), Student Home or Online


Materials: All materials will be provided by teacher and supplemented with students’ personal kit.


Payments: Full payment for hours worked due at the end of each work day.


Day 1 Makeup Application Evaluation and Makeup Kit Evaluation

  • Student applies makeup on model with no coaching from teacher.

  • Teacher takes notes

  • Teacher discusses all opportunities with student

  • Teacher applies models’ makeup while talking student through entire application step by step.


Note: For students with little to no makeup experience, Day 1 begins with last bullet point.


  • Teacher and student review students kit piece by piece to determine what is the purpose of each item and what items are still needed to build a complete kit.



Day 2 and Ongoing


  • Tag Team: applies makeup on one complete side of models face (according to agreed upon look) while explaining the process step by step. Student replicates the same look on the opposite side of the face.​


  • Replication: Student replicates chosen look on model with teachers' coaching





  • Properly setup a professional and sanitary workspace and make-up station

  • How to build a makeup kit

  • Identify bone structure, skin tone, skin condition

  • Understanding Color Theory

  • Identify skin undertones and shades.

  • Properly match and apply foundation



  • Properly apply concealers to correct negative colors and blemishes in the most natural looking way possible


Highlight and Contour

  • Understanding techniques to contour and highlight with cream and powder products.



  • Correct eyebrows in color and shape

  • Understanding of eye shapes

  • Correct the various eye shapes with highlight and contour

  • Properly apply different eyeliner formulas including Liquid, Gel, Powder liners

  • Properly curl eyelashes and apply mascara

  • Properly apply false eyelashes, understanding shapes, sizes to achieve desired look



  • Understanding lip color textures

  • Correct lips using pencils and lip colors




  • Understand how to do a bridal consultation

  • Properly complete a consultation and apply make-up according to bride’s requirements.


  • Makeup for All Ages

Apply make-up to mature skin and eyes



  • Men’s Corrective

Apply a minimalistic corrective make-up for men